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And besides, it’s ‘‘cultural appropriation’’

Alinsky Rule #4  Dept

The Telegraph:
Ban Christmas ads if you don’t like religion, Church tells cinemas

Cinemas should ban all Christmas adverts after refusing to screen a commercial featuring the Lord's Prayer because of its religious content, the Church of England has said.

The Church is threatening to take legal action against Digital Cinema Media (DCM), which handles adverts for cinema giants Odeon, Vue and Cineworld, after it barred an advert featuring the Archbishop of Canterbury encouraging prayer.

DCM told the Church the advert risked ‘‘upsetting or offending audiences’’ and pointed to its policy document barring commercials that advertised ‘‘any religion, faith or equivalent systems of belief’’ or ‘‘any part’’ of any such religion or faith.

Rev Arun Arora, the Church of England’s director of communications, told the Telegraph: ‘‘If they want to be consistent on not carrying any ads that have any connection with religious belief, I’d like them to cancel all ads linked to Christmas as a Christian festival.

‘‘If they’d like to apply it consistently, ban every ad that mentions Christmas.’’
‘‘RULE 4: ‘Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.’


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2 Wow, yes how hypocritical. It's funny how they want to do stuff like this without really understanding any of it. Let's hope that things are smoothed out and the people involved begin to re-think there decisions and motives. Debra, handyman |

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5 This is truly ridiculous, I agree 100%. Cinemas are allowed to show what they want and in most cases they are allowing people to view content that I would say is much worse then a hearing a prayer or being blessed by a TV ad. Great points, I loved the article! Kaden @ Hail Repair

Posted by: kaden at 11/20/19 22:42:22 (EwxRJ)

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9 Some people tend to forget the true meaning of Christmas... Landscaping

Posted by: Sam T at 01/30/20 00:35:28 (6+2tJ)

10 The church should sit their kid-fiddling arses down and stfu. <a href="" target="_blank">roofer walsall</a> 

Posted by: Roofing walsall at 02/11/20 14:56:35 (PEnQg)

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12 Leave Christmas alone! Christianity and Christmas are fundamental parts of Western culture, if you dont like them then move to one of the many countries where they're not practiced.
- Mike (top notch window cleaner)

Posted by: MikeParkinson at 02/20/20 10:01:31 (bY0mh)

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This is a great post and i wouldn't mind seeing more like this neither would my life coach in Hawaii

Posted by: derek8 at 03/14/20 21:54:54 (ZegQM)

16 Political correctness is completely ruining our once great countries, very sad to watch it in action  
Kind Regards, Alex (from Canberra)

Posted by: Alex at 03/25/20 10:23:13 (8gFXv)

17 Christmas should be out of bounds for the politically correct, - anything these people touch it goes bad. There's no reason we need to listen to these types anyway, ignore them and do your own thing, regards, Jamie..

Posted by: Jamie C at 04/26/20 09:34:59 (8gFXv)

18 Christmas is about Jesus - make your own holiday if you don't like it!

Posted by: Kelly at 05/06/20 17:06:23 (9JmLV)

19 Cant everyone just get along haha

Posted by: Roofing Contractor at 05/20/20 06:20:10 (wld8x)

20 Yeah what the roofing contractor said above. Lets all just get along.

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