Thursday, 24 September 2015

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Organizational capture at Wesleyan

SJWs Always Lie  Dept

Daily Pundit:
That train is never late….

There’s a kerfuffle going on at Wesleyan University over an op-ed piece the student newspaper, The Argus, published recently...

The response — a petition signed by roughly 150 students and faculty — is predictably rich in the variety and inanity of its demands, yet as fascinating as these details are, there is a leitmotif that runs through the outrage — one as familiar to us as the sound of coins clinking in a pocket.

It appears that, in the eyes of the petitioners, the Argus is insufficiently diverse, in part because it offers no ‘‘paid’’ positions on its staff.  This purely volunteer workplace, therefore, is discouraging to students — chiefly minority students — who need compensation for their efforts, owing to their oppressed economic status.

Among the demands of the petition, therefore, is that the newspaper establish a number of staff positions with sufficient hard cash emolument to enable suitable candidates to add their voices to the general chorus, no longer obstructed by the grinding poverty that hitherto has impeded their progress at a $60,000+/year college...
To which Bill Quick offered:
They could add ten paid positions and then, to reflect the racial makeup of the Wesleyan student body, they could give one of those positions to a black kid...

That should make them happy...
Which misunderstands what is really going on:  It’s not about one position that might go to some protected class member, its about the other nine positions which will be filled with noisy Social Justice Warrior types.

Possibly making SJWs the majority of the paper’s staff; certainly putting the paid SJWs at an advantage vis-a-vis the unpaid volunteers.  Expect organizational capture within a year or so.

Remember:  It’s never about the issue; it’s always about the power.

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