Monday, 15 July 2013


Attorneys General: Keeping us safe, whether we need it or not

Government by Yapping Pomeranians[1]  Dept

Urban Outfitters halts prescription-themed products
You know, products like this coffee mug:
Labeled with ‘‘Dr. Harold Feelgood’s’’ prescription to ‘‘Joe Espresso’’ for one mug of coffee... ‘‘repeat until awake and alert.’’

That’s after UO got a threatening letter
...sent by the attorneys general of 22 states and Guam that also urged Urban Outfitters to cease sales of glasses, coasters, mugs, drink holders and other prescription-related products.
Demonstrating that the ‘‘attorneys general of 22 states and Guam’’ have way too much time on their hands and are obviously overdue for significant budget cuts.

Oh, and somebody named Marsha Ford, the president of something called the American Association of Poison Control Centers, also sent a letter; which gets today’s Michael Bloomberg award...
Products such as these minimize the dangers of medicine abuse and misuse and are very dangerous.
F’in busybodies...

And for caving, Urban Outfitters == a bunch of wimps.

Via: Ace

[1] see below

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Clipfile - July 15, 2013

‘‘National Democrats hate Texans.

They hate the Texan economy, they hate the Texan oil industry that fuels the economy and gives the people jobs, they hate the part-time – and apparently very successful – Texan system of government, they hate Texan culture, they hate Texan religiosity, they hate Texan swagger, they hate Texas’s ongoing population boom, and they hate hate hate hate HATE the way that Texan Republicans can get Latinos to vote for Republican candidates.

And what national Democrats hate most of all is that Texans largely and visibly consider the East and Left Coasts to be essentially run by the human equivalent of yapping Pomeranians.’’ - Moe Lane

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Tuesday, 09 July 2013


Clipfile - July 9, 2013

‘‘What’s the point of being non-conformist unless you can win social approval by ostentatiously declaring your non-conformism?’’ - David Thompson

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