Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Clipfile - May 27, 2015

‘‘It will be fascinating if the left’s Gramscian march through the culture [is] finally... halted by a bunch of game playing, sci-fi reading, comic book collecting nerds.

The Social Justice Bullies made strategic errors in trying to wage war on people who play networked war games for a hobby, thinking that they can defeat talented writers in a propaganda war, and trying to make comic-cons filled with female cosplayers in form fitting and cleavage exposing costumes into feminist safe places.’’
- ‘‘rokemronnie,’’ commenting at Hot Air

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

In Passing

Saying what, ‘‘Bend over’’?

It Doesn’t Matter WHO You Vote For  Dept

‘‘Republican’’ Leader Mitch McConnell:

A lot of folks like to joke about the odd couple that was Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch... but I think Mitch McConnell and Barack Obama may have them outdone...  I’m even getting handwritten notes from the president these days.
Why, Mitch! Bless your lil’ ol’ heart!

Related (And You Too, Jeb!  Dept):

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Monday, 11 May 2015


Clipfile - May 11, 2015

‘‘We have abundant evidence that youth have been plunged into Stygian darkness, an endless night of permanent and incurable ignorance.  Not only do they know almost nothing, they have no curiosity about any of the things they do not know — which, as I say, is nearly everything.  Rarely does one meet a person under 40 who isn’t virtually destitute in terms of actual knowledge.’’

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Saturday, 09 May 2015

In Passing

On the U.K. Election

Familiar strains?  Dept

What the election has fundamentally exposed is the existence of Two Britains. No, not a Labour Britain vs a Tory Britain — that old divide has been flagging for years.  Not poshos vs workers, as Labourite commentators like to fantasise.  And it’s not even England vs Scotland...  [It] is, on one side, the Britain of the moral clerisy, which is pro-EU, multicultural, anti-tabloid, politically correct and devoted to welfarism and paternalism as the main means through which to govern the masses; and, on the other side, the Britain of the rest of the us, of the masses, of those people increasingly viewed by the cultural elite as inscrutable, incomprehensible, and in need of nudging, social re-engineering and behaviour modification.  Those people whose votes, whose temerity in rejecting Labour, made so little sense to the observing classes. This is the true story of the shifting map, the geographical shrinking of Labour, and the shocked response of opinion-makers to the results.

And of course, the more Labour comes to be occupied by influential but unrepresentative middle-class professionals, the more contemptuous it becomes of the Other Britain, the lesser Britain, the stupid Britain that won’t obediently vote Labour even though Labour only wants to care for it and nudge it towards health and decency... - Brendan O’Neill, Spiked

Via:  David Thompson

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