Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Press

The New York Times: “...so much more bigoted than it was a generation ago.”

Glenn Reynolds:

I have a comment and a question. Comment: The New York Times would never spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about a Muslim candidate’s religion in this fashion. Question: When George Romney ran in 1968, was the New York Times fretting about his Mormonism?
Some questions really don’t need asking...

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Friday, 25 November 2011

In Passing

Not if our “progressives” have anything to do with it...

Wishful Thinking? Dept
Headline: ‘Goldman Sachs predicts that U.S. will be world’s largest producer of oil in 2017.’
UPDATE (111201 17:20):

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Monday, 21 November 2011

In Passing

And some of ’em even run for (and get elected to) office...

New York Mayor Bloomberg:

[New York] is a city that people [who] would want to take away our freedoms gravitate to and focus on.

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The Press

Yeah, this will improve things...

FCC Chief Wants To Ease TV Station Cross Ownership With Radio And Newspapers

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is prepared to junk federal rules that limit companies from owning TV and radio stations in the same market — and go half way in doing the same for TV stations and newspapers...
"...combining the localism and integrity of Gannett with the... um... localism and integrity of Clear Channel!"
Newspaper and broadcast owners say that mergers are needed to preserve local newsrooms as their companies compete against a massive number of national news competitors on cable TV and the Internet.
...just the way that relaxing the ownership rules in the 90s preserved all those unique radio formats... oh, wait!

LATER, Related:

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Thursday, 17 November 2011


“...Each and every one of these gentlemen is a flaming hypocrite.”

"Flyovercountry” snarks:
Notice how it was no longer patriotic to simply donate to the IRS, it must be compulsory for all of us in order to attain that lofty perch of patriotism...

Each and every one of the men in this video has reached a level of success where they are permanently exempted from the consequences of their actions...  The rest of us are always left to deal...  It costs us in other ways, fewer jobs, higher inflation, inefficient markets, and much more.  We do not have a wealth gap in America, we have a consequence gap.

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Jihadi Joe update

The Nerds are restored.


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In Passing

A plank I can heartily endorse

Looks like Bill’s pomeranian has a rival.  And I like the way she thinks:

:Zucca stands strongly in favor of restoring the 4th Amendment.  Zucca feels that the widespread, indiscriminate use of police tactical teams leads to unneccessary death and wholesale violation of citizen rights.  Zucca stands in opposition to trigger happy goons who shoot the dog first and ask questions later.   Zucca proposes a bright line test for the use of police tactical teams.  Any incursion into a house where a dog of average intelligence cannot determine if the intruders are police or criminals is wrong and should be punished.  Zucca believes that the only time a police tactical team should engage in a high risk entry is to rescue hostages.  Otherwise they should cordon off the area and talk the suspects out.  Any police officer who shoots a dog without reasonable justification should be jailed.
There’s more truth than humor here.  Sad Infuriating, isn’t it.


(Zucca via KurtP, Vanderboegh via Mike)

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Monday, 14 November 2011

In Passing

Because they *really* don’t want *any* cuts...?

Republican FAIL  Dept
RASMUSSEN BUDGET POLL: 60% Say Cut Everything. "Only 28% want any program spared.”

UPDATE: Reader Chris Hauser writes:
Looking at the Republican side, WHY has not a SINGLE Presidential candidate embraced this as the foundation of their platform: an across-the-board cut of such-and-such percent on EVERYTHING?...


More Republican FAIL:

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Saturday, 12 November 2011


Blogstuff - catching up

While Homer was nodding...

In the Good Folks department, Susan, formerly at Wildrun, now has new (blogging) digs at The Owl House.

Wildrun was a wildlife control and cat chasing venture started by a 28 year-old young woman with a truck, a boyfriend, a catchpole, who got a real sense of joy being out in the small wild lands that edged our suburban world. I caught things.  Woodchucks, raccoons, skunks, now and then a beaver and...cats.  My life was running around, catching things.

The Owl House is a house on a quiet road in something close to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by older neighbors of German and Finnish origin, and younger neighbors who just wanted to walk out their door and see the sky, hear the creeks, and appreciate other folks who loved such things.  And instead of me having to go get the cats, the cats more often come to me.
A change in focus, but still "all about” cats. I’ll update her link shortly.

Jammie Wearing Fool(s) (sidebar link: "Court Jester in PJs”) has a new address and a new look, but, unfortunately, a bunch of design problems: Most of the links - including "Contact Us” - don’t work for me, and select-and-copy text is locked out.  (I suspect bad code in one of those goddam third-party widgets that seem to pollute more and more web pages, but I viewed the source and still can’t figure out what’s happening.  Maybe Brian ought to have a look... if just for a laugh.)  For the moment I’ll leave the link pointing to the old site, and give ’em a week to get things fixed, at which point I’ll change/delete it.

More successfully, Daily Pundit hasn’t moved, but has done a restyling.  Bill is still tweaking with the PHP, but unlike JWF, ’most everything’s working.  Go take a look.

Next Indy blogmeet?  Roberta is calling for suggestions, and Thanksgiving is almost upon us.

And finally, today it looks like the Islamists have hijacked Atomic Nerds. Joy.

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Friday, 04 November 2011

In Passing

More taxes: *Exactly* why we voted for the Republicans in 2010, right...?

Republican FAIL  Dept
Hot Air:
Forty House Republicans sign letter encouraging Super Committee to consider new revenues raising taxes
(fixed it for ’em!)

Steven LaToruette [RINO-OH]:
...said if he had a nickel for every one of the Republicans who said they supported the letter’s goal but feared how [Americans for Tax Reform President Grover] Norquist would react, "I’d be rich and retired, and we’d have 200 signatures on the letter.”
Good. If we can’t inspire them with love, then paralyze them with fear!  Oh, let’s and remember to give Mr. LaTourette his retirement wish in 2012, too.

The List*:
(*Transcribed from an uncopiable - wonder why? - PDF):
Charles Bass [NH]
John Carter [TX]
Howard Coble [NC]
Tom Cole [OK]
Ander Crenshaw [FL]
Charles W. Dent [PA]
Robert Dold [IL]
John J. Duncan [TN]
Jo Ann Emerson [MO]
Michael Fitzpatrick [PA]
Jeff Fortenberry [NE]
Paul Gosar [AZ]
Michael Grimm [NY]
Richard Hanna [NY]
Gregg Harper [MS]
Mike Kelly [PA]
Pete King [NY]
Jack Kingston [GA]
Steven LaTourette [OH]
Billy Long [MO]
Cynthia Lummis [WY]
Tom Marino [PA]
David McKinley [WV]
Pat Meehan [PA]
Devin Nunes [CA]
Ron Paul [TX]
Thomas Petri [WI]
Todd Platts [PA]
Tom Reed [NY]
Reid Ribble [WI]
Phil Roe [TN]
Tom Rooney [FL]
Mike Simpson [ID]
Marlin Stutzman [IN]
John Sullivan [OK]
Lee Terry [NE]
Bob Turner [NY]
Ed Whitfield [KY]
Frank Wolf [VA]
Don Young [AK]

And Who’s Surprised By This?  Dept:

Just means there’s more work to do...

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