Saturday, 16 October 2010

In Passing

The beatings will continue until they get the message.

Bill Quick views the coming election, and the one after:

People aren’t going to the polls because the necessarily want their guy to win.  They are going because they are in a rage to punish the evil, complacent bastards who’ve been raping them all their lives, and finally stand exposed for the lying, malevolent wreckers that they are.

It just so happens that the majority (though not all) of the candidates currently running who fit in that category happen to be Democrats.
Something Republicans might keep in mind for 2012...

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Friday, 15 October 2010

In Passing

“Recovery” explained, plus administration contempt

Charlie Gasparino, The Daily Beast:

“I know you’re paid to do the president's bidding, but I’m paid to answer to shareholders and a board of directors and your health-care plan is costing me $1.5 billion, your tax increases another $1 billion, and regulation another half a billion.  So I might have to lay off people rather than hire them.” - unnamed CEO, responding to Rahm Emanuel’s “Why aren’t you guys hiring more?”
So much for big business. Then there’s this example of the Obama crowd’s, shall we say, exquisite sensitivity toward businesspeople at the other end of the spectrum:
“Forget about Big Business moving away from us,” said one administration official, “we’re losing the Kiwanis Club guys who own a small business and spend their nights wearing those funny hats.  They’re independents and we need them but all the class warfare stuff seems to have pushed them away.”
Fortunately, the faculty lounges, the media establishment, and the “moocher class” remain firmly behind them.

(It apparently didn’t cross that person’s mind that his mild disparagement[1] might be taken as an insult?  Says it all, doesn’t it?  “Bitter clingers,” all over again.)

Two weeks...

HT (Beast): Alphecca
[1]  LATER (101019): Elizabeth Scalia calls it “lip-curled reproach.”  I think that (despite quoting Peggy Noonan) she gets it right, oveall.

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Thursday, 14 October 2010


Revenge of the fuzzies?

Trends or Coincidences?  Dept
Two headlines on Slashdot:

Giant Car-Eating Rabbits, maybe?

Whod-a thunk it?

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

In Passing

How it works

Veronique de Rugy:

If this were the private sector, those Congressional staffers would end up in jail
Hell, if it were the private sector, those staffers would be invited in for a little “chat” with investigators.  Then instead of any “real” crime, they’d be prosecuted for perjury.  Then they’d end up in jail.

HT:  Insty

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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

In Passing

Yeah, they *could* do that...

I’ve omitted a phrase from the following quote.  Care to hazard a guess what it is?

The decades-old technology used to manage the power grid is vulnerable to manipulation or sabotage, according to a study revealed this week.

Attackers could manipulate power-grid data [...] used by grid operators to set prices for electricity and to balance supply and demand, the researchers say. Grid hackers could make millions of dollars at the expense of electricity consumers by influencing electricity markets. They could also make the grid unstable, causing blackouts. - MIT’s Technology Review
If the tone is familiar, perhaps you’re recalling last year’s agitation by supporters of the S.773/S.778 “Cybergrab” bills (still pending) that would massively expand presidential power over “critical information networks” in the name of national “security.”  So here comes another study that’s found network vunerabilities that (of course) must be addressed with federal legislation?

Well, not exactly.  Here’s the phrase that I stripped out:
... by breaking into substations and intercepting communications between substations...
Now I’m all in favor of taking care to transmit sensitive data over secure (isolated) networks using secure protocols, but seriously: If you have “hackers” breaking into to your facilities, you have a far bigger problem than whether you’re using encryption or not.

After all, physical access to the machinery means you can do a lot of things.  Like substituting made-for-tv movies for football games, for instance.

(The article does make the point that increased reliance on remote controls and automation to replace on-site human operators will make data-tampering (and other mischief) harder to detect and less likely to be discovered, but, duh, we already knew that.)

UPDATE, related (101013):

Original link via Insty.

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In Passing

The reason seems obvious

John McCormick (Bloomberg, via IP):

The general Republican message of less spending, lower taxes and repeal of the health-care overhaul is connecting. Pluralities of those polled support overturning the health-care measure -- Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment -- and back the “Pledge to America” that offers a road map for how Republicans would govern if they win congressional majorities.

Still, the poll suggests voters aren’t embracing Republicans as much as they are rejecting Democrats.
“Less spending/lower taxes” hasn’t been the national Republicans’ message since the Contract With America. This time it’s the Tea Party message, with Republicans (mostly) just jumping on the bandwagon.

Factor in the Republicans’ reputation for talking a good game, but making accommodations with the folks who get in the way of actually delivering the goods (Less spending? Ask Olympia Snowe. Get rid of the logrolling? Ask Jerry Lewis. Say “no” to special interests? Ask Orrin Hatch.), and it should be no surprise that voters who view the Democrats as dangerous still offer the Reps. only a lukewarm embrace.

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