Saturday, 12 November 2011


Blogstuff - catching up

While Homer was nodding...

In the Good Folks department, Susan, formerly at Wildrun, now has new (blogging) digs at The Owl House.

Wildrun was a wildlife control and cat chasing venture started by a 28 year-old young woman with a truck, a boyfriend, a catchpole, who got a real sense of joy being out in the small wild lands that edged our suburban world. I caught things.  Woodchucks, raccoons, skunks, now and then a beaver and...cats.  My life was running around, catching things.

The Owl House is a house on a quiet road in something close to the middle of nowhere, surrounded by older neighbors of German and Finnish origin, and younger neighbors who just wanted to walk out their door and see the sky, hear the creeks, and appreciate other folks who loved such things.  And instead of me having to go get the cats, the cats more often come to me.
A change in focus, but still "all about” cats. I’ll update her link shortly.

Jammie Wearing Fool(s) (sidebar link: "Court Jester in PJs”) has a new address and a new look, but, unfortunately, a bunch of design problems: Most of the links - including "Contact Us” - don’t work for me, and select-and-copy text is locked out.  (I suspect bad code in one of those goddam third-party widgets that seem to pollute more and more web pages, but I viewed the source and still can’t figure out what’s happening.  Maybe Brian ought to have a look... if just for a laugh.)  For the moment I’ll leave the link pointing to the old site, and give ’em a week to get things fixed, at which point I’ll change/delete it.

More successfully, Daily Pundit hasn’t moved, but has done a restyling.  Bill is still tweaking with the PHP, but unlike JWF, ’most everything’s working.  Go take a look.

Next Indy blogmeet?  Roberta is calling for suggestions, and Thanksgiving is almost upon us.

And finally, today it looks like the Islamists have hijacked Atomic Nerds. Joy.

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