Tuesday, 17 November 2015

In Passing

Forecast: Same old same old

Mike Hendrix on what follows:

...Hey, we’ll get to have who knows how many cute little parades showing how we’re all Charlie Hebdo Paris now, and how we’re ‘‘Boston Paris strong,’’ and how we ‘‘stand in solidarity with the people of Paris,’’ and how our ‘‘universal values’’ (which aren’t universal at all) will triumph in the end even if we can’t be bothered to actually defend them beyond crying a lot and lighting some candles and building those maudlin memorials to all the people killed by our fecklessness, cowardice, and inattention every time another of these Moslem slaughters even occurs.  So we got that going for us.

We’ll light up our buildings and public squares in red, white, and blue, and sing La Marseillaiseand the Star Spangled Banner till our throats are raw.  Our news-readers will report all this twee horseshit with a tear in their eye and a quaver in their throats, simply overcome with emotion at the sheer courageof it all, assuring us that such noble, brave heroes as we will never be defeated, because HISTORY™.  And the tough, doughty, dauntless #HashtagWarriors will march on, until it’s all forgotten in a couple of weeks, and we’ve all re-assumed the position of presenting our soft underbellies for the next slash of the Moslem scimitar.

At this late date in the death agonies of the enervated West, besieged on one side by violent animals and on the other by idiot Leftists who have nothing but spiteful resentment for the blanket of civilization they cower under, what is there left to say?  We aren’t going to do a damned thing to end this...
Read the rest.  You know you want to.

S.Weasel objects:  No. More. TEDDYBEARS.

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