Wednesday, 16 November 2011

In Passing

A plank I can heartily endorse

Looks like Bill’s pomeranian has a rival.  And I like the way she thinks:

:Zucca stands strongly in favor of restoring the 4th Amendment.  Zucca feels that the widespread, indiscriminate use of police tactical teams leads to unneccessary death and wholesale violation of citizen rights.  Zucca stands in opposition to trigger happy goons who shoot the dog first and ask questions later.   Zucca proposes a bright line test for the use of police tactical teams.  Any incursion into a house where a dog of average intelligence cannot determine if the intruders are police or criminals is wrong and should be punished.  Zucca believes that the only time a police tactical team should engage in a high risk entry is to rescue hostages.  Otherwise they should cordon off the area and talk the suspects out.  Any police officer who shoots a dog without reasonable justification should be jailed.
There’s more truth than humor here.  Sad Infuriating, isn’t it.


(Zucca via KurtP, Vanderboegh via Mike)

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