Friday, 24 July 2009

In Passing

“A statistical tie with Sarah Palin”

Instapundit notes that Rasmussen’s 51% disapproval figure for Obama effectively ties (within margin of error) Sarah Palin’s 53%“Doubly astounding given the disparate press treatment[1] they’ve gotten,” he says.  “I doubt the media coverage will emphasize that.”  Me neither.


[1] LATER 090727 21:41: Cynthia sez:
...With the entire mainstream media establishment AND the Democratic Party AND feminists AND the left blogosphere — and way too many backstabbing conservatives whose elitist sense of entitlement means the world no longer makes sense to them when an upstart like Gov. Palin with a state university degree can beat the Ivy League and plutocratic aristocracy — ALL working night and day to destroy Gov. Palin, a -13 percent negative rating is the BEST they could do?


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