Sunday, 29 April 2007



Sounds like somebody else could use a cat.

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Get a cat and you find yourself walking around, talking like a moron.  My cat's name is Ebichu, and she is of course the smartest, most beautiful blah blah blah.  My GF walks around the house, randomly saying "Chu."  We have a sign-language name for her, which consists of making a C, then moving in a sweeping motion through the H and then up into a U.  She also has several songs about the cat.  This one goes to the tune of "Bicycle Built for Two":

Ebi, Ebi, don't bite off all my toes

I need them to walk, as everybody knows

If you refrain from biting, I'll give you food to your liking

Then you'll be happy and take a nappie and I will have no more woes.

They get worse from this point on. 

Posted by: McGurk at 05/02/07 19:01:03 (Ri74D)

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