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In Passing

Beyond talk?

‘‘CBD,’’ blogging at Ace:

Last night, barely 24 hours after the cowardly Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris claimed the lives of so many innocents, I experienced something that was both reassuring and oddly disturbing.  I was eating with family in a French bistro in Manhattan (A good one. If anyone wants the name I will e-mail it.) when, half way through the meal, to a packed restaurant, one of the waiters, a late-middle-aged woman, climbed the stairs to the second floor and belted out an excellent rendition of ‘‘La Marseillaise,’’ the French national anthem.  All of the patrons stood, and many joined in to sing with her.  I was pleased that even in the heart of liberal, accommodationist America we can still recognize patriotism and understand the need for unity with and support for one of our allies.

But....I am troubled that we in the West have become so soft that we have replaced steadfast belief in ourselves, and the determination to defend Western culture, with emotional responses that, ultimately, do nothing.  It is one thing to sing La Marseillaise.  It is quite another thing to support a long, painful war against an adversary that will give no quarter and whose goal is the utter and complete destruction of our way of life.

LATER (151115 23:36):
‘‘kennycan’’ comments at Instapundit:
‘‘Je Suis Charlie Hebdo.’’

Remember that?  What was that, 9 months ago?

There will be arrests.  There will be hashtags.  There will be pronouncements that they are contained.  There will be massive pushing down the memory hole.  There will be business as usual.

Then, Unexpectedly! There will be another attack.

We've been going through this since at least the Boston Marathon bombings.  Probably longer than that. First WTC bombing, perhaps?


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1 Still powerful news. Grieving to this day for all the people who lost a loved one. A friend of mine who did appliance repair Modesto was there and it's no joke. Sorry such a topic even needs to be discussed, let alone commented on by a stranger.

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