Monday, 11 March 2013

The Press

Biased by omission

Ira Stoll:

Sometimes the bias in Times news articles isn’t in what they say, but in what they leave out.
Mark Tapscott:
1,130 - Number of results for search term ‘‘Koch Brothers’’ on The New York Times web site.

64 - Number of results for search term ‘‘The Tides Foundation’’ on The New York Times web site.
It’s called protecting friends and punishing enemies.  And speaking of ‘‘friends,’’ recall that the Times holds that Pulitzer Prize for not reporting Stalin’s genocides.

LATER (130312 02:00):
The media and supposedly ‘‘non-partisan’’ groups like Common Cause (actually bought-and-paid-for liberal front operations to give a ‘‘nonpartisan’’ veneer to liberal politicking) say that Big Money in Politics is bad.

Well, that sounds neutral, doesn’t it?  They’re not favoring a particular party in claiming that; there’s Big Money on the left as well as on the right.  Presumably they’re against all of it; that’s what makes this neutral.  Right?

...Given that Tides Foundation, a leftwing group founded by radicals, is donating five times as much [to political causes] as the Koch Brothers, we’d expect at least as many mentions of Tides, right?

But of course not.  Tides is permitted to operate in secret, with scarcely a mention; the Koch Brothers have the Scare Campaign ginned up against them.

The ‘‘Neutral’’ goal here is a lie.  The agitation is not to drive Big Money out of politics.

It’s about stopping money from supporting conservative initiatives and candidates only.  Soros & Ilk are to be exempted...  After all, Soros and Tides aren’t really even funding ‘‘politics’’ -- they’re just funding Common Sense Practical Solutions(TM).

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