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Big radio shoots itself in the foot (again)

Broadcasters are already concerned about the slow uptake of HD radio. So why not increase customer confusion:

A new "conditional broadcasting" feature for HD Radio called RadioGuard, from NDS, will allow owners of compatible HD radios to pay for premium content via a subscription, a one-time charge, or as part of a sponsored deal. - Wired
So first they couldn't get the message out about what HD radio is.  Then they started promoting "extra free channels," which it seems they've now decided to charge for.  Which require a different special radio, which you can't even buy yet!  Every day in every way, it's more and more like another "AM stereo" fiasco.  (Remember AM stereo?   My point exactly.)

And wait until Congress notices this.  Don't be surprised if they decide to  re-open the questions of spectrum taxes or frequency auctions for commercial radio.  Not very smart.

Hattip Mark Ramsey, who has been following this issue for a long time.

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"Congress: FCC process appears broken"

"The bottom line is that the FCC process appears broken and most of the blame appears to rest with Chairman Martin, wrote Commerce and Energy Committee staff members in the April 28th memo to committee chairman Rep. John D. Dingell (D-Mich.), and Rep. Bart Stupakhoward-dean-goofball Mar-31-2008 (D-Mich.), chairman of the subcommittee on oversight and investigations."

"HD Radio fails miserably"
Bob Savage, CEO, WYSL

"I've been in touch with Congressman Dingell's office, and have brought the iBiquity-lobbying IBOC situation to his attention as his office probes how the Commission conducts its business. I have further offered to testify before his Subcommittee if they have interest in pursuing how HD Radio was allowed to find the light of day."

The Commerece Commission already knows about the HD Radio fiasco. Now, the NAB is trying to hijack the digital TV spectrum:

"Grand Theft Digital: How the FCC is Helping Hijack Digital TV"

"Why has the FCC, acting as sock puppet for the National Association of Broadcasters, crafted a process that quietly gives broadcasters exclusive rights to newly available channels?... Why does the FCC want to avoid public notice and public debate on this $70 billion dollar giveaway of public spectrum?... On February 17, 2009 a massive, but so far little-noted corporate theft of the public airwaves will be consummated as US analog TV stations switch to digital TV (DTV) broadcasting."

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