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Blog bleg - anybody seen this?

Wherein O.G. solicits help on (re-)finding a blog.

UPDATED 081011 01:58Identified. Thanks, Pete!

Sometime in the last five days (or so, most likely last Sunday) I came across a blog, new to me, whose author is involved in some restoration work (window cleaning/repair?) at a grand mansion (actually the “summer house”) on an estate somewhere in (IIRC) the northeast U.S.  His description of the place is amazing: Built (probably) around 1900, grand staircase, skylit bathrooms, heavy doors (over 100) with solid brass hardware, enormous attic full of many years’ worth of treasures, two-foot thick walls, stone lions out front... you get the idea.

At the time I viewed the site, the author had already put up three posts about this project, one of them including an historic picture of the front of the place.  The posts are fascinating in their wealth of detail... really great link fodder!

But... I was interrupted while reading, and only got to skim them.  So there’s a lot I don’t recall (like the name of the house, and the blog’s author. My bad!).  I had intended to bookmark it, figuring I’d get back later to finish.

Well, it appears I screwed up.  There’s no bookmark, and I just spent a couple of hours trying to find my way back, to no avail.[1]  At this point, I can’t even remember how I got there in the first place– I might have followed a link from a comment the blog’s author made in a thread at someone else’s site, or maybe I came in via a link to an unrelated post.

Anyhow, I know that some of the folks who drop by here seem to surf pretty widely.  Does any of this sound familiar to you?  Can anyone point me to the mystery site?

[1] Yes, I checked my history file.  One of the few known issues with my version 1.02 browser is its occasional failure to get everything visited into the history list.  Irish cabbage (Murphy Slaw) strikes again!
(And search engines didn’t yield anything, either.)

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1 I rather suspect the blog being searched for is this one:

One of the pages with info on the house is here:

And a - hopefully memory jogging - quote is:

The walls are at least two feet thick, solid stone. I bet there are 100 doors in the home, and each has a turn of the century brass lockset, in perfect working order, but with a 100 year patina you simply can not get at Home Depot.

Hope it helps.



Posted by: Pete Allen at 10/11/08 01:00:27 (pmkIG)

2 Pete, that's the one!  Thanks for coming through (and thanks for stopping by).

Posted by: Old Grouch at 10/11/08 01:54:13 (Aphc4)

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