Sunday, 29 November 2009


Blog Meet picture

Watch shoot the birdie!  Dept.

(Taken with my cheap Polaroid digital

Not pictured:  Old Grouch (behind the camera), Roberta X (attending her family’s Thanksgiving, showed up later).  Present:  Most of The Usual Gang.

Topics discussed at our end of the table:  Whether Rock Star Beatles Version is cool or creepy, if Climatequiddick will make any difference, how many knives you routinely carry.

See you next month!

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Sorry I missed.  Niece + prospective nephew in law came in for the day and had a transmission problem just before they got here.  So p.n.i.l. and I didn't make it to the range and by the time the 'meet rolled around we were otherwise engaged in home repairs.

Next month...

Posted by: Nathan at 11/30/09 00:54:27 (+dSl9)


Brigid looks sad.  Please advise her all of her regular readers are rooting for her, and enjoy her blog.

Posted by: George at 11/30/09 03:46:40 (WcPas)

3 THX, George, but Brigid didn’t attend this one.  Blame me for not recording all the names; also blame me for anybody who looks like somebody else.  

Posted by: Old Grouch at 11/30/09 03:53:03 (sXxE9)


OOPS!  My mistake.  I hope the redheaded lady in the back is doing okay, and even though she wasn't present, I hope Brigid is doing better.  It certainly is wonderful to read her amazingly poetic musings...

Posted by: George at 12/05/09 03:41:19 (maMJX)

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