Monday, 23 March 2009


Blogger comments blackout continues

Just a note to all my buddies who have Blogger-hosted weblogs that use Blogger’s comments system:  The where’s-the-captcha problem continues at this end.[1]

This has happened before.[2]  Blogger does some kind of a code revision, and the captcha starts getting trapped amid security authentication and permissions problems.  And (needless to say) if I don’t get served the captcha, I can’t authenticate my comments.[3]  Unfortunately, I don’t get any error messages at this end.  Also unfortunately, the browser which I use doesn’t have a big enough userbase to make fixing things a high priority at Google.

Fortunately, they will still (eventually) fix it.

But in the meantime, folks who use Blogger comments ain’t gonna be hearing a lot from o.g. Because, much as I love you all, loading Internet Exploder solely for the purpose of making a comment is not going to happen.

So to Shermlock, and Brigid, and Joanna, and Tam, and Turk, and Roberta, and Breda, and all... if you’ve missed hearing from me, it’s not because I’ve developed a hate for you, it’s just because the #&*(@^ comment thing won’t work.  Just wanted you to know.

And Roberta, hope your mom is doing well.


[1]   Yes, I have javascript enabled, and make sure “cookies to all sites” is selected before loading the comments page.
[2]  most recently about 18 months ago.
[3]  Blogger’s audio captcha function has never worked for me, but since K-Meleon also ignores any music at those all-talking all-singing all-dancing websites I view the lack of audio as a feature.

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