Wednesday, 28 September 2011

In Passing

By his “friends” you shall know him

New York Post:

JP Morgan honcho Jamie Dimon, once a "fat cat” ally of President Obama, seems to have strayed to Republican contender Mitt Romney.

Dimon, a lifelong Democrat who was rumored to be on Obama’s short list for treasury secretary before he settled on Tim Geithner, met privately with Romney on Tuesday morning before a fund-raiser at Brasserie 8¹/2 hosted by Highbridge Capital, a JPMorgan-owned hedge fund.
Unsurprising.  After all, the well-being of "lifelong Democrats” and their too-big-to-fail crony corporations is always an important concern for the RINO Republicans.  If Romney wasn’t one of them, he’d have had enough sense to not get caught anywhere near that crowd.

Elsewhere, related:

(Post story via Insty.)

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