Saturday, 09 February 2008

In Passing

By request...

thumbnail imageIn response to popular demand, here's a suitable-for-printing version of my rendering of  “Donut’s” McCain bumper sticker idea:  [Full Size Art Here]

At 72dpi, this will print 10.75" x 6.75" (allowing a little room for printers that don’t print all the way to the page edge).  The result is 3 copies (each 11" x 2.125") on an 11" x 8.5" page.  I've left the background white for folks with laser printers.

To print using MS Paint:

  • Save the file to your drive. (Usually: right click-> Save link target as) Be sure you got the correct file. It's named im_as_loyal_3b.gif, and it's 75.35 kb.
  • Open MS Paint
    • Open file: im_as_loyal_3b.gif
    • Page Setup->
      • Landscape
      • all margins = .25"
      • centering: Horizontal and Vertical ON
      • scaling: Fit to 1 page
    • Print it!
If I get any requests, I'll do another version for 2 to a legal size (14" x 8.5") page. Meanwhile, have fun!

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