Friday, 30 November 2007

The Press

Can you say "secretive?"

CNN lays down some limits on reportage:

The St. Petersburg Times first asked CNN executives in July to be allowed to watch the video selection process for tonight's CNN/YouTube debate.

It took until Nov. 19 to get clearance.

The time and place was not revealed for another week...

Among the things the Times agreed to before it could enter what a CNN executive called its "undisclosed location:"
  • No video recording.
  • No audio recording.
  • No mention of the specific questions producers are considering.
  • No pictures of the video screen where the questions are being reviewed.
The Times also said it would not publish the fate of specific questions.
- Aaron Sharockman, "Peek inside CNN's inner sanctum"

Wow, lots of conditions!  Somebody might think they had something to hide.

Link via: Romenesko

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