Saturday, 18 October 2008

Dear Diary...

Chaser play

A little GIMP art, to emulate a five point chaser.

Below the break, to avoid driving casual readers batty.

Animated GIMP version of a sign chaser.

This is a 5-layer animation, illustrating a “3-on 2-off” lamp configuration.

Construction details for those interested:

Use “snap to grid” option to keep everything in line.

Background (“dark”) lamps (color black):
Brush tool + circle fuzzy 11 -> three clicks per lamp position

Lit lamps
(color rgb(3, 244, 26) green):
  • Base color rgb(3,244,26) •
    Brush tool + circle fuzzy 11 -> three clicks
  • Flare, used selectively (colors white, rgb(155,251,255) lt blue, rgb(255,210,27) yellow, rgb(3,244,26) green) •
    Brush tool + diagonal star 25 -> 1 click
  • Highlight color white •
    Brush tool + circle fuzzy 03 -> 2 clicks
Trailing lamp (color rgb(3, 244, 26) green):
Brush tool + circle fuzzy 9 -> 1 click

Frame interval 45ms.

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