Friday, 23 August 2013

In Passing



I could almost support giving the NSA wide latitude if one condition were present:

That accidental violations would be punished by serious discipline -- say, two months off with no salary -- and that multiple accidental violations would be punished by a firing, and that intentional violations would be punished by a prosecution.

That, in theory, could keep this very dangerous and worrisome ability in check.

But it's only a theory, because as John Kerry and Eric Holder and Barack Obama demonstrate on a daily basis, The government never fires or disciplines anyone, no matter how serious or deadly or constitutionally-foul their transgressions.
So we're left with a very unsatisfying choice between ‘‘Let the NSA run rampant’’ or ‘‘Let terrorists run rampant.’’
And at this point, I believe I’m almost ready to prefer the terrorists.

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