Friday, 26 February 2010



Spite ’n’ Envy ’sGettin’ Old   Dept

R.S. McCain sends a message to the Democrats’ Captive Nations:
...Once people start thinking about leaving the Identify Politics Ranch, it’s “game over” for the Democratic Party.
They tell gay people that conservatives are homophobes.
They tell black people that conservatives are racists.
They tell poor people that conservatives are rich and greedy.
They tell women that conservatives are sexists.
Et cetera. Lather, rinse, repeat.
When all is said and done, what’s in it for you?  Or, better yet, what’s in it for them...  They’ve got their tenured positions at the universities or their jobs at liberal magazines or their book contracts.  They’ve got their six-figure executive salaries at gay-rights groups and their prestigious appointments to government jobs.  And you’ve got (maybe) some symbolic policy change that is, at most, of indirect value to your quality of life.

Wise up, chumps.  You’re being bamboozled by a bunch of three-card monte hustlers who are using your “identity” to advance their own interests.  At some point you’ve got to start questioning whether politics is really the answer to your problems, or else one of these days your tombstone will read, “Here Lies a Chump, R.I.P.”

But don’t worry, there’s always life after death for Democrats.  Just tell your friends to make sure you’re buried in Chicago, where Election Day is like Halloween and the departed spirits of dead Democrats rise from the grave to vote in alphabetical order.

The graveyard is the only place you’ll ever see the fulfillment of the Democratic Party’s promises.  As Mary Jo Kopechne recently said to Ted Kennedy, “Now, we’re equal.”

Wake up, chumps.  The poverty of the poor is not caused by the wealth of the rich, and discontents of gay people aren’t the result of heterosexuals monopolizing happiness.  The politics of spite and envy — which is to say, the agenda of the Democratic Party — can never lead to “social justice,” because there is no such thing as “social justice.”
Read the whole thing.  And bookmark it.

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