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Clipfile - December 5, 2014

‘‘One... side effect... of the legal/regulatory state [is] to cut off poor people from small-scale entrepreneurship.  Want to open a roadside taco stand?  Offer cab services with your private car?  Braid hair in your living room?  Clean houses without a license or OSHA inspection?  Work for less than minimum wage?

‘‘Add in a host of other restrictions and requirements that effectively function as a moat to competition that protects larger, better funded businesses, and you block an entire class of people (by income) from entrepreneurial work.

‘‘Remember the history of Jews in America?  Remember the pushcarts and rug peddlers and all the other modes of self-employment that kept them and their offspring warm, fed, and well enough educated to become the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scholars, and businessmen?

‘‘We don’t do that any more.  And if you try, you risk your life.  Because that makes you a vile criminal.’’
- Bill Quick

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