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Clipfile - February 18, 2015

‘‘...The left’s entire mode of interacting with the world can be seen as a series of attempts to find something OTHER THAN competence that can be turned into success.

Union Seniority.


The Welfare State.

They all are a rebellion
[against] the idea that people should gain rewards to the extent that they actually contribute productively to a task.

They like Ivy League credentials better than they like demonstrated competence for the same reason medieval nobles liked blood lines and disdained trade.  Actually DOING things is disreputable, ‘‘rootless,’’ and unkind, and the people who DO things are not to be trusted.’’

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1 Well, as the old canard goes, "Those who do, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, administrate", which is another word for run things. Just like the kings of old, and just like our elected officials today.

Posted by: Windy Wilson at 03/28/15 06:20:09 (hAgl+)

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