Thursday, 23 January 2014


Clipfile - January 23, 2014

‘‘...Most liberal ‘innocents’ work very hard to maintain their innocence, because they love their innocent certitudes:  There is a pony in there somewhere, kumbaya, at bottom every person is good, and all the rest of the moronic drivel that makes up their canon.

And they will cling to these childish beliefs right up to their deathbeds, assuring themselves that true communism has never been tried, that capitalism is the greatest threat to humanity and liberty ever created, and that they and theirs have a monopoly on ‘the good,’ while everybody else is ‘evil.’

That they are able to maintain these beliefs in rainbows and lollipops, even while standing on a mountain of bones created by them,
[is] because, while they are indeed self-made naifs, they are also deeply stupid.  And stupidity, in the end, always extracts its own deadly price.’’

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