Monday, 18 November 2013


Clipfile - November 18, 2013

‘‘Worse than the effects of Obamacare - which may or may not be permanent, but which will certainly be severe - is the effect on the citizenry of watching the nations leaders and legislators come before the public and lie, day after day.  Not picayune lies, but baldfaced, insulting, comprehensive and utterly immoral lies.  It’s as if they haven’t even the dignity to pretend they are addressing a concerned or informed citizenry - they simply reject the idea of truth or honesty, then lie about their own lies.  It is a disgusting and dishonorable display of complete mendacity, unleavened even by any thought that these charlatans might be lying in the service of their country.  They are small people, who think - or perhaps hope - that the citizens are as small as they are.’’
- ‘‘hawkeyedjb’’, in a comment at Instapundit

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