Wednesday, 20 June 2007

In Passing

Congressman invents perpetual motion machine, film at 11

It's all about earmarks, of course:

Last week, while Republicans were busy fighting [House Appropriations Committee Chairman David] Obey’s [(D-Wis.)] proposed earmark policy, [Rep. Jeff] Flake [(R-Ariz.)] was taking issue with the chairman’s earmarks to a group known as the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI), whose main purpose is trying to help the state’s businesses obtain more federal contracts and grants.

To Flake, the idea of providing federal money to subsidize the process of trying to obtain more federal money is absurd. --, June 20, 2007 [bolding mine - o.g.]

It's only absurd to normal people.  Inside the beltway, it's a stroke of genius!.
HT: Insty

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