Tuesday, 27 January 2009

In Passing

Congressman Pete King (RINO-NY) wants your cell phone to go “click”

Every time you use it to take a picture.

Under penalty of law(Link fixed 090320.)

(“Camera Phone Predator Alert Act.”  Give me a break!)

Y’know, I’m really glad Congress has time to worry about stuff like this.


The Register wonders about “deaf chicks.”  And and more derision in the comments:
More to the point, my current CAMERA doesn't make a sound when I take a picture (as I've turned it off) likewise my pocket video camera makes no sound.
I’m promoting the idea that phones (and cameras, etc.) should emit a piercing sound, blinding light and pungent smell everytime you're about to take a video, a picture or turn on the microphone.  Yes, this would be a little annoying everytime you’re about to make or receive a call, but it's for the children.

More discussion and derision at Althouse.  (Added 090129)
Pete King official Congressional web page
Wikipedia entry, “extensively edited by the subject or an institution related to the subject”
Weblog:  Peter King Watch

Via:  Slashdot

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