Tuesday, 15 September 2015

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Crony Capitalists ‘‘Endorse’’ Trump?


...A key group of business leaders is pretty clear about who they think will come out on top, according to the latest CNBC Global CFO Council survey.

The CFO Council represents some of the largest public and private companies in the world and collectively manages more than $2 trillion in market capitalization across a wide variety of sectors.  Of the 34 council members, 19 (or 56 percent) of the council responded to this quarter’s survey.

More than 72 percent of members of the council surveyed earlier this month say Jeb Bush will in fact win the Republican nomination.
That was June.  Now, three months later, there’s this:
Wall Street is growing increasingly terrified that Donald Trump — once viewed as an amusing summertime distraction — could actually win the Republican nomination for president.
The industry began this election cycle confident that a GOP candidate like Bush would win, and offer some reprieve from populist anger.
Bush?  Reduce ‘‘populist anger?’’  Really?

Trump:  Making all the right people nervous, one at a time...

Daily Pundit:  Nobody I Know Voted For….Trump?
Ace of Spades HQ:  Wall Streeters Beginning to Panic...
I hope they are panicking.  They are liberal Democrats, and aggressive ones, who despise conservatives, but rely on conservatives to protect them from liberal Democrat tax policies, which for some reason, we do.
Ed Driscoll:  President Goldman Sachs Hardest Hit

HT:  CNBC via Ace’s sidebar

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