Tuesday, 21 June 2011

In Passing

Democrats find God, film at 11

You know what they say about praying when all else fails...?

If all the brightest minds in Harrisburg [Pennsylvania]’s government can’t solve the city’s financial problems, maybe God can.

That seems to be the thinking in Pennsylvania’s capital city, where Mayor Linda Thompson and a host of other religious leaders are about to embark on a three-day fast and prayer campaign to cure the city’s daunting money woes.
"Things that are above and beyond my control, I need God,” Thompson told WHTM TV, the region’s ABC news affiliate...
Chicago Sun-Times:
After a five-month post-mortem about the Blizzard of 2011 fiasco, Chicago’s top emergency officer was asked Monday how he intends to prevent another shutdown on Lake Shore Drive.
"We’re gonna pray a lot and hope that God doesn’t dump another 40 inches of snow on us,” said [Gary] Schenkel, executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications.
I guess "all else” must have failed.

Credits:  Harrisburg via Andy, Chicago via Second City Cop

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I have always been skeptical of fasting and other forms of abasement before the Supreme Being.

It seems to me that the old chestnut "God helps those who help themselves" contains a lot more truth than people often give it credit.

Bottom line, God wants you to get off the stick and DO SOMETHING, not sit around and go "oh woe is me" and wait for him to notice you.

Posted by: Nathan at 06/22/11 12:05:29 (cBrDo)

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