Friday, 22 April 2011

In Passing

Demonstrating their “love” for animals

Frank James:

One of the sad facts and a direct result of the work done by PETA and various Humane Societies is there is no longer a good or satisfactory way of deposing of a horse if you can no longer afford to feed it.  It used to be a horse could be sold for slaughter to be used in pet-food, but that was deemed politically incorrect and both federal and various state legislatures have outlawed the practice of horse “slaughter.”

Now, if you have a horse and want to get rid of it..........YOU CAN’T!

...The end result is always the same....starving animals that no one wants.
Also applies when a horse is too old and feeble to be kept.  Read the whole thing.

LATER (110423 22:00):  Mark has some thoughts.

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