Friday, 16 May 2008


Dutoit nails his theses to the capitol’s doors

Indicting the congressional Republicans:

  • Your party’s standard-bearer going into November is the senator who has stabbed the party faithful in the back more times than we care to remember...
  • You introduce legislation which is a “compromise” between a Republican and a liberal Democrat like Ted Kennedy...
  • You talk about “immigration reform”—which we all know is really a disguise for an amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants—and when over 70% of the country’s voters tells you that such legislation is repulsive, you wait awhile, and reintroduce almost the same legislation...
  • You made no serious attempt to reform the iniquitous tax code...
  • You allowed your original mandate of smaller, frugal government to be corrupted into a free-spending, licentious and lawless atmosphere, where anything was acceptable as long as it wasn’t as bad as what the Democrats were promising...
  • The current President (a man who promised to be conservative, and then turned out to be anything but) did not groom a successor while in office... thus leaving the Election 2008 field open to a bunch of RINOs like McCain and Romney.
Did you think we were asleep while you were doing all this stuff?
He also has some advice, not that anybody’s listening.

UPDATE 080516 17:54Dan Collins:
...The Republican Congress... has nobody to blame but itself, for being a pork-ridden, craven, lard-assed bunch of ninnyhammers.
Well said!

Via:  Daily Pundit

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