Monday, 13 June 2011

In Passing

Entirely TOO clever?

Glenn Reynolds:

ON FACEBOOK, Virginia Postrel writes that she thinks "there’s no chance the Republicans will even seriously try to repeal the light bulb ban, which would require actually bringing a bill to the floor (or at least having committee hearings).  They want the benefits of public anger without actually addressing it–even on this easy issue. Needless to say the budget is much harder.”
Careful guys: Excessive cleverness (as opposed to genuine results) can be hazardous for your careers.
If Republicans can’t understand the appeal of sparing Americans from the light bulb police, what are they good for? - The Wall Street Journal, editorial, June 7, 2011: "The Light Bulb Police” [link no longer available]

Jeff Goldstein’s to-do list.  Not much progress so far... eh?
Haven’t quite "got it” yet.  In D.C., tinkering always trumps clarity.

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