Thursday, 14 November 2013

In Passing

Excuse me, but you’re assuming they want real answers

Erik offers a suggestion to congress:

Every [IRS scandal] hearing should start out with statements and questions along the following lines:
Now, Mrs. Lerner/Mr. Lew (or whoever is being questioned), you — obviously — realize that the whole background to this scandal is the improper politicization of the Internal Revenue Service, do you not?  Good.  And you realize that what occurred was a blatant display of double standards, do you not?  Very well.  And you recognize that the process was unfair and inappropriate, don’t you, and that there was no reason to keep Such-and-Such-a Tea Party waiting for months, indeed for years?  Good.

So: there do not seem to be any disagreements about that…

And so I have the following question for you:

Why is it that Such-and-Such-a Tea Party has not yet indeed received approval of its tax-exempt status?

Why is it that — six months later after the scandal broke — its members are still waiting to receive approval of their status?
Well, Erik is a Frenchman.  It’s understandable that he might mistake the Republicans for a genuine opposition, and not understand their status as the currently-out-of-power segment of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party.

A real opposition might be after some real answers.  The Permanent Party, not so much.

IOW, fat chance.

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