Sunday, 24 July 2011


Exemplary, my dear Monckton

Ever have a need to call out some idiot?  Viscount Monckton of Brenchley demonstrates how it’s done:

Whereas one Malcolm Turnbull, Member of Parliament for Goldman Sachs, self-appointed leader of the Absolute Bankers’ Get-Rich-Quick, Gimme-the-Money, Subsidy-Junkies’, Profiteers’-of-Doom and Rent-Seekers’ Vested-Interest Coalition Against Hard-Working Taxpayers, has this day demonstrated wilful but indubitably profitable ignorance of elementary science by declaring that since all relevant matters of climatology are settled no one should pay any heed to a mere Peer of the Realm who dares to question the imagined (and imaginary) scientific "consensus” to the effect that unless the economies of the West are laid waste and destroyed we are all doomed;
...and that’s just the first paragraph.  Now, read on...

Roy Morgan Research:  Lord Monckton persuades 9% more to believe "concerns about global warming are exaggerated.”

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