Monday, 21 May 2007

In Passing

Family Saturniidae, Genus Actias, Species luna

Basking on a window frame, seen on my way to work.

The Luna moth starts life as a tiny egg that hatches into a plump lime-green caterpillar with tiny orange spots along the sides. This slow-moving caterpillar eats the leaves of the white birch, alder, persimmon, sweet gum, hickory, walnut, or sumac trees. After eating and growing, the caterpillar builds a brown, tent-like cocoon, and eventually emerges as a fully-grown adult. The adult Luna moth does not eat; it only mates and reproduces.[1]

This was a big one, about 5½ inches across.

Luna moth pictures from Henderson State University.
[1] Luna moth printout from Enchanted Learning.

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