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Your (well, Somebody’s) Tax Dollars at Work  Dept
Over at Ace’s, Wednesday’s post (by Monty) on Detroit’s self-inflicted misery (and do RTWT) provoked this reminder about what’s important to a city (and what’s not):
...A city’s number [one] priority should be to keep the city a place people want to live.  At bottom this means decent public safety [police and fire, mostly...], decent transportation [roads, signals], and decent schools; at a ‘price point’ [total taxation] that the average... taxpaying citizen finds reasonable.  Anything else... is basically fluff.
Which reminded me of this story (from the Daily Mail):
People living in Seattle can no longer enjoy a brown bag lunch after city bureaucrats banned the term from official use for being racist

A memo sent out from the Office of Civil Rights also banned the word ‘citizen’, claiming it could lead to people feeling excluded...
I wonder what Seattle’s taxpayers feel about a government that spends their hard-earned taxes on officious claptrap.  (Shut up, Grouch... It gives employment to the otherwise-unemployable!)

(Seattle link:  Jeff Goldstein via Daily Pundit)

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1 City parks -- including the swimming pools and golf courses -- should be a non-essential service.  But good luck getting that past the morons on our City-County Council, not to mention our Mayor who I think has forgotten the people who elected him.

Posted by: Nathan at 08/11/13 15:48:56 (cBrDo)

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