Saturday, 28 May 2011

In Passing

GOP = Grand Old Petulants

Smitty (at TOM):

The interesting question becomes whether the GOP will, petulantly, scuttle the chances of ejecting BHO rather than fall in behind a potential Palin candidacy.  In other words, will the commitment to the traditional, broken, Ruling Class way be stronger in the GOP than the desire to, you know, live up to the party’s ideals?
My hope would be that the party’s Ruling Class would go for a winner (any winner) instead of another establishment hack, but that’s not the way I’d bet.

Romney and Pawlenty, whistling past the graveyard.
Bill Quick:
If Obama is the Dem candidate, the [winner of the] GOP nomination process is effectively the winner of the election.  So let’s make sure we choose somebody we want, not somebody the Gentry GOP establishment wants.

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