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Gotta lower those expectations!

Propaganda? What propaganda?  Dept

The DSM.prepares us for Obamacare:
More medical care won’t necessarily make you healthier - it may make you sicker.  It’s an idea that technology-loving Americans find hard to believe.
Oh, those eeeevil technology-loving Americans!  If they could just shut up and be more docile and less demanding, maybe like Europeans...
Anywhere from one-fifth to nearly one third of the tests and treatments we get are estimated
by whom?
to be unnecessary...

It can start during birth as some
note the weasel word
of the nation’s increasing number of C-sections are triggered by controversial
to whom?
fetal monitors that signal a baby is in trouble when everything’s actually fine.
Unsupported assertion.
It extends to often futile
who says?
intensive care at the end of life...
Death panels, here we come!
Americans get the most medical radiation in the world...  Too many scans increase the risk of cancer...
Fear-monger much?  I guess those scandalously long waits for x-rays in the U.K. aren’t really bad: After all, they’re preventing cancer!
One-third of men older than 75 get routine PSA tests despite guidelines that say most
another weasel word
are too old to benefit.
My dad just celebrated his 96th birthday.  Wonder if he was “too old” at 75?

And that’s just the first page...

So why this story, with this spin, at this time?

Seems obvious to me.

And it’s also no surprise that Gannett’s Indianapolis Catbox Liner put it on the front page above the fold.

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