Sunday, 12 April 2015

In Passing

Gunpowder NOT Required

When Trebuchets Are Outlawed...  Dept

The Telegraph:
Hundreds of tourists have been evacuated from Warwick Castle after a burning cannonball fired from the world’s largest working siege machine destroyed a medieval boathouse by fire.

Sparks from the cannonball which was fired from the wooden trebuchet ignited the roof of the ancient boathouse causing a blaze on Friday night.
The Trebuchet Fireball Spectacular is one of the Castle’s main attractions.

[The trebuchet] was built in 2005, stands 60ft high, weighs 22 tonnes and has been fired at least 6,500 times.
Turns out the boathouse was actually a 19th-century reproduction, but still a sad loss.  And siegery, even when only for show, remains a serious business.  (22 Tonnes.  Wow!)

Via:  Peter Grant

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