Friday, 30 September 2011


Hey Mr. President, are your ears burning yet?

So the President says America has "gotten a little soft”...

Larry Correia disagrees:

Maybe your golf buddies are soft, and your union thugs are soft, and your legion of academics that have never held a real job are soft, and the societal leeches that depend on the Democrats’ perpetual welfare state are soft, but most Americans are not soft.
...and he proceeds to explain, in a fine rant.  RTWT.

LATER, related:  Who’s weak?
...We’re now being treated to the spectacle of a President demanding passage of a bill his Party won’t support, peddled using the name of a billionaire who refuses to endorse it.
Only one thing left to do:  Cue the bunny rabbit.

(Correia Via Lin W’s comment at Vodkapundit.)

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