Saturday, 30 June 2007

In Passing

JayReding gets his new iPhone, starts "Jobs for Emperor" committee

It's amazing how Apple can make anything work well. Activating the thing took less than 5 minutes, including the time downloading all the data. Activating my last smartphone took about half an hour, and that's with a Cingu... err... AT&T drone frantically typing away. At this point, I'm ready to vote Steve Jobs in 2008. Imagine how easy it would be if Apple ran the IRS. First of all, it would be the iRS, and all the relevant information would already be filled out, and the whole process would take less than a minute. A geek can dream, can't he? - linky

UPDATE 070702 17:28: Unfortunately, some folks (38%?) are having issues with AT&T.   More (last added 070714).

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