Friday, 30 November 2007

The Press

Just ignore it, and maybe it'll go away


SO I LOOKED IN EDITOR AND PUBLISHER and there's nothing about the CNN planted-question scandal. There's one story on the debate, but it's a puff piece about a cartoonist getting his video in. Then I looked at Poynter and all I could find was this piece on covering the debates. But I'm not seeing anything about the planted-question scandal. I'm not seeing anything at the Columbia Journalism Review site, either. Journalism, cover thyself! - Glenn Reynolds
JUST HEARD A LENGTHY NPR STORY ON THE YOUTUBE DEBATE, with a live followup from Mara Liasson -- and it omitted any mention of the planted question issue. - Glenn Reynolds

Reminds me of Rathergate.

Previously:  Actually, it's perfectly consistent

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