Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In Passing

Keep ’em busy

Ilya Somin:

Members of bar exam boards.. and presidents and other high officials of state bar associations should be required to take and pass the bar exam every year by getting the same passing score that they require of ordinary test takers.  Any who fail to pass should be immediately dismissed from their positions, and their failure publicly announced (perhaps at a special press conference by the state attorney general).  And they should be barred from ever holding those positions again until - you guessed it - they take and pass the exam.

After all, if the bar exam covers material that any practicing lawyer should know, then surely the lawyers who lead the state bar and administer the bar exam system itself should be required to know it.  If they don’t, how can they possibly be qualified for the offices they hold?  Surely it’s no excuse to say that they knew it back when they themselves took the test, but have since forgotten.  How could any client rely on a lawyer who is ignorant of basic professional knowledge, even if he may have known it years ago?
Not to mention that with all those lawyers occupied with re-passing the exam, they’d have that much less time for harassing the rest of us.

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