Tuesday, 26 January 2010

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Well, now we know why there hasn’t been any “global warming.”  It’s because of the ozone hole:
...There is mounting evidence that the ozone hole above the Antarctic has been protecting the southern hemisphere against global warming.

The bizarre side-effect of ozone depletion has been studied by scientists at the University of Leeds.

The ozone hole, caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) released into the atmosphere, is now steadily closing, but the research has suggested this could actually increase warming.

Scientists discovered brighter summertime clouds had formed over the area below the hole, which reflect more of the sun’s powerful rays.

“These clouds have acted like a mirror to the sun’s rays, reflecting the sun’s heat away from the surface to the extent that warming from rising carbon emissions has effectively been cancelled out in this region during the summertime,” said Professor Ken Carslaw, who co-authored the research.
So lessee, we spent untold billions in eliminating CFCs to put the ozone hole back, and now...
“You can’t correct two wrongs in that way,” he said.  “The ozone hole was potentially a major catastrophe for the planet that was only stopped by the Montreal Protocol, so we can’t go back on that.”
Why am I unsurprised?

Now I suppose this could make sense.  Could.

But the convenient emergence of this report (in the midst of the “WHAT global warming” uproar), leaves me wondering.  And, even if true, what does the discovery of a hitherto-unknown (but important) factor say about the certainty of those doom-and-gloom predictions that we’ve been getting from the warmingists this last decade.

Climate “Science:”  Making it up as we go along?

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