Friday, 26 June 2009


Local newsie gives the right advice

Former Indy Star columnist Ruth Holladay reacts to the murders of two local women:

These stories are so disturbing, and there is such a pervasive theme to them -- woman goes to court, gets protective order, man ignores legal process and slays her -- that years ago, I wrote a column at the Star, in the wake of yet another such tragedy.  In that space, I urged women to arm themselves.

A woman who has a crazed man stalking and threatening her needs to get the biggest piece she can find and carry it with her at all times.  Brothers and dads and friends of the woman, and other women for that matter, need to arm themselves as well.  They should form a protective posse around this woman.  The courts are clearly unable to offer real protection, not, at least, against a man who chooses violence and self-will.
...Women need to think like men in these sorts of situations, and counselors and cops should advise them of that strategy, however boldly or subtly.  Women need to -- as a friend used to say -- “strap on their leather balls” and go to work, protecting themselves and their children.

Legal gun ownership remains a right.  Buy the weapon, register it, carry it and be prepared to defend yourself.
No news to my regular readers, but Ruth’s readers are not of the type usually found around here.  Perhaps some of my well-armed lady readers might want to drop by and say hello.

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