Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Making debate impossible?

C.S. Lewis saw it coming   Dept
Billy Hollis:
Those on the right are Enlightenment thinkers, and assume that everyone shares certain assumptions about debate and logic.  But the left denies the fundamental tenet of the Enlightenment – that there is an objective reality we can measure things against.

Since the other side is debating by completely different rules and assumptions, it’s literally impossible to come to agreement with them.  Even if you think you did, they reserve the right to redefine terms as necessary to further their objectives.

When they do these things, it’s important to understand that they don’t believe that they are lying.  Since their concept of truth is different from those on the right, their concepts of dishonesty and deception are different too.
Includes "four rules of post-modern rhetoric.” RTWT, it explains a lot.

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