Saturday, 14 July 2007


Maybe it's just a New York thing

New York's WCBS-FM drops "Jack" and reverts to its previous oldies format, and some radio-types say "Told-ja so!"

WCBS-FM had been a ratings leader and a solid billing station for years. As congolemeration hit Infinity the usual budget cuts came in. The standard bigco imperative was invoked, even at a top performing property like CBS-FM. Cut costs, reduce expenses, spend less on promotion. Sell more! Run lean! Yes, the typical "MBA-comes-in- wearing-a-pink- tie-and- ruins-a-good-business" sort of imperative and tragedy that occurs when Wall Street types grab up businesses in whatever category has the current bloom...

The format didn't sound or feel like New York, it had minimal interaction with the audience. It might as well ahve been radio for Topeka or Cedar Rapids. This was not a New York radio station, not by a long shot. -- Dean Landsman [italics and color in original - o.g.]

But Mark Ramsey sees no earth-shattering implications.
To a great extent, the Variety Hits formats continues to be one of American radio's secret success stories. As I travel from market to market I'm always surprised to discover just how many of these stations are out there and, more often than not, how well they're doing.

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