Friday, 30 January 2009

In Passing

Merely a means to an end

Instapundit linked this:

Last week, the East Bay Express published an article regarding the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) plans for aftermarket, plug-in hybrid conversions.

Proving once again that CARB is a political machine with something more than “clean air” in its agenda, the board is set to deal a punishing, bureaucratic body-blow to startup companies like 3 Prong Power and A123 Systems. - Gas2.0 weblog [links in original]
with the tag
“And yet they’re supposed to be anti-pollution.”
Glenn should know better.  What they’re really “anti” is the individual liberty that ownership of a car represents.  “Anti-pollution” is only the current excuse for taking control.

Once you understand this, everything else becomes clear:  Of course CARB will reject alternate solutions.  Of course it will make things difficult for their developers.  CARB and its supporters don’t want a solution, because solving the problem would mean the end of their power.

Remember, with the left the “issue” is rarely the issue.

(090131 17:38):  Second verse, same as the first, at Daily Pundit.

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